My Order 66 survival

Having been disappointed by many Star Wars games in recent years, I was very hesitant to buy Star wars: Jedi Fallen Order. So with the holidays upon us and having some time off, I saw that the game was available through EA Origin Access Premier (wow, that’s a mouth full) for only 15 bucks a month. Got myself a subscription and immediately cancelled it, knowing that I’d probably never play the game again after one play through. After a hefty installation of over 60 GB I got playing and…

Damn what a game! After finishing it I still cannot believe the quality Respawn Entertainment has delivered. The entire game plays like a movie with smooth transitions between gameplay and cut scenes. They have nailed every aspect like loading planets while you are talking to your crew or keeping your outfits and paint jobs consistent throughout the game. You can really feel the passion of the team in this game, from level design, to combat to even the music made and recorded in the same studio they did Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. For those curious about the story, it is positioned between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope and relies on established lore. You play Cal Kestis a young jedi who has hid himself after Order 66 came in effect. After being in hiding for many years, the Force as it seems, has different plans for him… Gameplay wise I had to adjust a bit, never played games like Sekiro so I had to re-learn timing your strikes, dodging and watching how enemies behave. I guess playing that many Batman games made me a bit lazy.  

I wholeheartedly recommend this game to any Star Wars fan and if I had known that it was this good, I would have had pre-ordered it.

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