My Dark Knight Christmas

Last night I finished the 3rd Batman game in the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Origins. Though people might not see it as part of the series – the series being Asylum, City and Knight – playing this Batman felt exactly like the others and the origin story fits in nicely with the two previous ones.

Reason why I pushed this game up my backlog list was due to the setting. I read somewhere it all plays out on Christmas Eve and after finishing it – a couple of days before Christmas 2019 – I was not disappointed. Throughout the story you are reminded that Christmas is upon the cape crusader and even the villains refer to it. Best part for me was of course them singing along the various carols with their own improvised lyrics. Without giving away too much of the plot, I myself find this Batman game one of the best so far, looking at the city, the enemies and the divers bosses. The only minor point I found was the upgrade system of your character, which is a little bit different compared to the previous games. There really is only one way to upgrade your character, so this takes away some personalization.

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