My RTS nostalgia

As a kid, my first games I properly played where Pong, Commander Keen and Prince of Persia. The games were fun, but it didn’t get me hooked to gaming. That addiction came later in the form of the Atari, Sega and Nintendo consoles.

However it was not until I came in contact with Command & Conquer (C&C) that I also became part of the PC Master Race. This game had everything, real actors telling a full story, beautiful graphics, great gameplay and most of all, multiplayer. C&C for me was my entry into competitive gaming, so you can imagine my excitement when C&C Remastered was announced.

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My webslinger

A couple of weeks ago the PlayStation 5 was revealed along with some new exclusive games for the platform. One of those games was Spider-Man Miles Morales and even though no real gameplay was shown, I was hyped immediately, but at the same time realized that I had yet to finish the first game. So time to install all those updates, DLCs, suit up and load those web-shooters!

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My South Park story

Another backlog game completed and I was pleasantly surprised. South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of those RPGs that does not focuses on deep leveling or specialization customization, but rather wants to tell you a story, a specific South Park story that is.

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My Divine loss

Divinity: Original Sin (or D:OS for short) was one of those RPGs that got praises everywhere. It had a very successful Kickstarter campaign and according to many it over delivered. Back in those days I was busy with other games, but I did scoop it up when it was on a Steam Summer Sale (remember those?).

A few years ago I had some space between games and gave D:OS a try, but it somehow never clicked. Since I had plenty of other games to play I just added it to my backlog and continued with other games. Now with us all being at home and me racing through my backlog as if I’m trying to make it to the bathroom, I saw this game popping up again.

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My Order 66 survival

Having been disappointed by many Star Wars games in recent years, I was very hesitant to buy Star wars: Jedi Fallen Order. So with the holidays upon us and having some time off, I saw that the game was available through EA Origin Access Premier (wow, that’s a mouth full) for only 15 bucks a month. Got myself a subscription and immediately cancelled it, knowing that I’d probably never play the game again after one play through. After a hefty installation of over 60 GB I got playing and…

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My own Marty

Ever wondered what happened after Doc. Brown went away in Back to the Future – Part III? Well apparently I had a game in my backlog called Back to the Future: The Game by Telltale Games which does exactly that. It picks up after Part III and continues the adventures of Marty and Doc.

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