My political life

You probably have heard it: “I don’t want to get political” or “I don’t want to talk politics”. When life suddenly becomes very real and certain morals and values collide, things start to get political. 

However, when you look at everything in the world, from the first steps you take every morning when you leave your house for work, college, family or friends, ‘till the very moment you come back home. Everything we do is because of the political landscape we are in.

Let me put it a bit in perspective. I live in the Netherlands, which has decent social services. I have a roof over my head and basic things like healthcare, food and shelter are guaranteed, whether I would have the money for it or not. I will not become bankrupt if I suddenly become ill and need medical attention. When you would look to other countries, you suddenly realize that this certainty I have, is not a given in countries like the United States of America. 

I for example also have a right to privacy, a personal space and the right to express my opinion (against the government). If you were to look at countries like China, then you already know that the people there are very restricted in what they can say or do. 

Politics also determine things like, what movies you can watch, what games you can play and even who you can love… 

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My gift to you

Writing this article was a lot harder for me compared to previous articles I have written. Not because The Gift: 12 lessons to Save Your Life by Dr. Edith Eva Eger is a bad book, no, it is because this book has opened a couple of doors, some of which I have kept shut for many decades.

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My bullshit job

Have you ever wondered what you would do if money was not an issue? Let’s say that all your financial problems are taken care of. Your kids go to a good school, food is on the table and you even have sufficient money left to buy things you want and can go on the occasional holiday. What would you do with your (precious) time?

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My personal goal

I have no personal affinity with American politics, but I do like following it through various late night comedy shows. Not only do many of them address US politics, but they also discuss interesting topics around the world. Growing up I also didn’t follow local news or politics, but after college and starting a job, I’ve taken an interest in it. Mostly because I like studying leaders and/or leadership roles. For me the Obama administration was one of those to observe and perhaps learn from. After serving two terms, both Michelle and Barack Obama have written books. I’ll write a next post about what went through my mind when reading his book. As to the book of Michelle Obama, Becoming, I already had questions going in, hoping to get some of them answered.

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