My Hakuna Matata

Disney has been on a role when it comes remaking their classics into live-action movies. Not all of them are a great success though, but I don’t think that is actually the idea behind most of these remakes. I am over 35 years old and I’ve seen many of the classics in either cinema or at home when it was released on VHS tape. However I’m not sure that kids nowadays still re-watch the (old) classics. Enter the remakes…

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My COVID entropy

Trying to live your life during a pandemic is odd, sure you somehow have more time to pursue hobbies or binge through that backlog of yours on Netflix (or any other streaming service). But because of the pandemic not much is happening entertainment wise, many movies and shows have been postponed or stopped filming and at a certain moment in time you start longing for fresh new content.

The big Hollywood bosses decided that Tenet and Mulan would be the first movies to figure out how people would respond if new content gets released. Disney did not believe that people would go to the cinemas and went with a VIP-pass on top of your Disney+ subscription allowing you to “buy” their new blockbuster movie Mulan. Warner Bros. believed a slow roll-out throughout the world would be the right way for their movie Tenet. So do we feel safe enough to go back to the cinemas?

My friend and I are avid moviegoers and throughout the year we will look at the list of upcoming movies and determine if they are worth seeing in the cinemas, wait for it to hit streaming services or just ignore it. Tenet was one of those movies on that list so when Warner Bros. decided to finally release it we wanted to go as soon as possible. But… COVID is still a thing…

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My happy face

At times it feels like the end of the world with COVID-19 and its economic consequences, #BlackLivesMatter, police brutality and (systemic) racism within our society. Oh, and there is also this thing called climate change and global warming. So I thought, sure why not watch the Joker.

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My crazy in-laws

In 2018 with much fanfare an all Asian cast movie was released called Crazy Rich Asians. The movie is based on the first book in a trilogy written by Kevin Kwan. The movie, with an estimated budget of $30 million, did quite well with a worldwide gross of almost $240 million. However the movie was met with quite some controversy and critic.

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My doubts in life

Growing up, the series Scrubs was a huge part of my teenage life. It solidified my choice of working in healthcare and it taught me valuable lessons on life, love, death and how best to cope with it all. Here in the Netherlands we are always a bit late when sitcoms come to our country, but I remember fondly when I first got in contact with the show, a marathon weekend of Scrubs on Comedy Central in an era with nothing else on TV (and no Streaming Services), I got hooked immediately.

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My relatable trauma

The title of this movie has somehow always reminded me about those documentaries that Michael Moore used to make so I have never bothered watching it. More recently I however saw an interview with Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon which they gave for their new series on Apple TV+ called Little America. During that interview they also showed this small clip of The Big Sick.

So I spit out my tea and added the movie to my watch list and I guess it was fate because a couple of days later the movie was showing on BBC.

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My example of leadership

With the recent death of Katherine Johnson I thought it would be a nice idea to watch the movie Hidden Figures from my backlog in honor of her accomplishments. The movie shows the friendships she had with Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan, but also the role she had in changing the way we look at space flight and the position she (and others) had to fight for.

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