My webslinger

A couple of weeks ago the PlayStation 5 was revealed along with some new exclusive games for the platform. One of those games was Spider-Man Miles Morales and even though no real gameplay was shown, I was hyped immediately, but at the same time realized that I had yet to finish the first game. So time to install all those updates, DLCs, suit up and load those web-shooters!

Spider-Man tells a very different story compared to previous games and movies. This time you are no beginner learning your powers. You are older, more experienced and jump right into the fray. Compliments have to go to Insomniac Games who have nailed the gameplay, making you feel like a superhero from the moment you pick up your controller.

As the story progresses you re-acquaintance yourself with the various NPCs including aunt May, Osborn and of course MJ. Between all the webslinging you have some relationship fixing to do, because MJ and Peter are on a break

After 40+ hours I have finished the game and all its content, every side mission and almost all achievements / trophies. Doing all those optional missions in Spider-Man never really felt like a chore, but more as part of an overarching story. You hear the main character say simple things like “I have some time to spare, let’s see if I can help out with X” and off you go. The way it blends in all those side activities resulted in me 100% the game. Even better, by the time I was doing the last few missions, I had reached the maximum level, unlocked (almost) all suits and gadgets and actually felt like “yeah, now it feels fitting to kick some final boss’s ass”. And when I finally kicked the final boss’s ass I was rewarded with cutscenes which could have easily been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For those of you who want to enjoy some more friendly neighbourhood crime fighting after finishing the main game, feel free get the DLC (if you don’t already have it via the Game of the Year edition). This will add some extra suits, missions and slivers of story line. Quality-wise though it doesn’t come close to what you get in the main game.

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