My very own lightsaber

Apparently Darth Vader wasn’t sitting still between the episodes 3 and 4. This time you can follow him very very close in the virtual reality (VR) experience Vader Immortal, episodes 1, 2 and 3.

Last year I bought the Oculus Quest headset. It was THE VR headset I was waiting for, not specifically because it is from Oculus, but it is wireless, supports 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) and does not require an hefty computer. This means that I could play content anywhere, from my living room to my local gym, it has the technology to track my every move from ducking, jumping and running around (although be mindful of brick walls, they tend to hurt). And last but not least, the Oculus Quest does not require an expensive specced out computer.

The very first game I bought was Vader Immortal (episode 1). Even though the single player story is short with around 45 minutes of gameplay, it is the dojo in which it shines. Starting with a single lightsaber deflecting blaster fire to the final levels in which you are fighting several droids at the same time. As you play the other episodes the single player story progresses and its total length is somewhere between 1,5 and 2 hours long, depending on how fast you like to go and whether or not you like to explore areas.

Even though the single player story was nice, it was the dojo that kept improving with every episode. In episode 1 you only had your lightsaber, in episode 2 you learned force powers and finally in episode 3 you could go bananas. Meaning that you could use double bladed or dual sabers, grab remote detonators and steal blasters and shoot stuff. After you finally finish the dojo in episode 3 (and also episode 2), you stand there in amaze, feeling like a true Jedi who could wreak havoc. For me Vader Immortal was a childhood dream come true. Combining the hours I have played in single player with the 3 dojos, I have easily spend 30+ hours in total and that is without unlocking everything like Kylo Ren’s saber!

To give you an idea what the dojo looks and feels like a small video below. But remember, the video does not transfer the true feeling of using a lightsaber or force powers. You have to experience that yourself.

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