My relatable trauma

The title of this movie has somehow always reminded me about those documentaries that Michael Moore used to make so I have never bothered watching it. More recently I however saw an interview with Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon which they gave for their new series on Apple TV+ called Little America. During that interview they also showed this small clip of The Big Sick.

So I spit out my tea and added the movie to my watch list and I guess it was fate because a couple of days later the movie was showing on BBC.

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My example of leadership

With the recent death of Katherine Johnson I thought it would be a nice idea to watch the movie Hidden Figures from my backlog in honor of her accomplishments. The movie shows the friendships she had with Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan, but also the role she had in changing the way we look at space flight and the position she (and others) had to fight for.

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