My murder race

Like the movie, these thoughts about The Lovebirds will be short and sweet. The movie was slated to head to cinemas last month, but as we all know, COVID-19 happened and now – due to the powers that be – it is streaming on Netflix.

The Lovebirds tells the story of Leilani and Jibran – played by Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani – who are stuck in a rut. Even worse, when they are heading out to a party they sort of decide to break up. Soon after this they are part of a murder and have no clue what to do next. In a state of complete panic they run for it and decide to stick together. Hoping that the two of them can figure out what has happened and who the murderer is, so they can clear their names.

Now a murder mystery movie in the style of a romantic comedy isn’t new. We have seen it in recent films like Date Night, Game Night and Murder Mystery, so the concept itself isn’t original. What sets this movie apart though is the starting off point. You aren’t following a couple per se, but two exes who have to stick together or face a (lifetime) in prison. Combine this with an almost sarcastic type of humor and you got yourself a very different take on the concept, which is hilarious until the very end.

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