My Hakuna Matata

Disney has been on a role when it comes remaking their classics into live-action movies. Not all of them are a great success though, but I don’t think that is actually the idea behind most of these remakes. I am over 35 years old and I’ve seen many of the classics in either cinema or at home when it was released on VHS tape. However I’m not sure that kids nowadays still re-watch the (old) classics. Enter the remakes…

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My Martian escape

I like playing games, especially on PC and consoles (and lately even on VR headsets). When I was little my go to gaming machine was an handheld called the Atari Lynx. From there I moved on to Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation and once older my main platform for gaming became the PC. I did have a Nintendo DS for a short while but gave that away because I simply was not using it. My main device to game on when on the road is my mobile phone and I think that for many of us, this is the new normal for mobile gaming. Combine this with game streaming services like Stadia, xCloud, PlayStation Now or GeForce Now, I doubt that specific gaming handhelds will have a future.

However when it comes to gaming on a smartphone, I really dislike the solutions many game developers use when it comes to user interface and controls. Most of the time games are being ported with joystick like controls and buttons on the screen, or a game is a twin stick shooter. While this might work for most people, I came to the conclusion that only games that were created with a ‘touchscreen first design’ would work for me. Enter Ticket to Earth an iOS game released back in 2017.

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My COVID entropy

Trying to live your life during a pandemic is odd, sure you somehow have more time to pursue hobbies or binge through that backlog of yours on Netflix (or any other streaming service). But because of the pandemic not much is happening entertainment wise, many movies and shows have been postponed or stopped filming and at a certain moment in time you start longing for fresh new content.

The big Hollywood bosses decided that Tenet and Mulan would be the first movies to figure out how people would respond if new content gets released. Disney did not believe that people would go to the cinemas and went with a VIP-pass on top of your Disney+ subscription allowing you to “buy” their new blockbuster movie Mulan. Warner Bros. believed a slow roll-out throughout the world would be the right way for their movie Tenet. So do we feel safe enough to go back to the cinemas?

My friend and I are avid moviegoers and throughout the year we will look at the list of upcoming movies and determine if they are worth seeing in the cinemas, wait for it to hit streaming services or just ignore it. Tenet was one of those movies on that list so when Warner Bros. decided to finally release it we wanted to go as soon as possible. But… COVID is still a thing…

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My RTS nostalgia

As a kid, my first games I properly played where Pong, Commander Keen and Prince of Persia. The games were fun, but it didn’t get me hooked to gaming. That addiction came later in the form of the Atari, Sega and Nintendo consoles.

However it was not until I came in contact with Command & Conquer (C&C) that I also became part of the PC Master Race. This game had everything, real actors telling a full story, beautiful graphics, great gameplay and most of all, multiplayer. C&C for me was my entry into competitive gaming, so you can imagine my excitement when C&C Remastered was announced.

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My webslinger

A couple of weeks ago the PlayStation 5 was revealed along with some new exclusive games for the platform. One of those games was Spider-Man Miles Morales and even though no real gameplay was shown, I was hyped immediately, but at the same time realized that I had yet to finish the first game. So time to install all those updates, DLCs, suit up and load those web-shooters!

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My game of life

Life is not a competition, it’s a game. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about all the fun we can have before it ends.

Simon Sinek

Whether it is the fights we are having in politics or about getting yourself out of bed every morning to go to work or school or trying to keep yourself save health-wise. Everything at times can feel like a fight. So it is good to – at times – take a step back and remember that enjoying life is just as important.