Organizing my thoughts

I think I’ve figured out the lay-out I want to use for now, so the next step is to decide on what to write, post, etc.

I’ve narrowed it down to the following topics:

  • Photography
    The pictures I take, edit and would love to share (on my personal site) without it being used by other commercial parties.
  • Bucket list
    I’d love to track my bucket list somewhere, so might use this site as well. Else I can always use one of the social websites like
  • Tech experiments
    I am a big technologist and love to experiment with hardware and software. Also I work in the field of data (call it Big Data, Business Intelligence or some other Gartner buzz word) and I think it would be cool to write about data, the analytics behind it and perhaps some nice visualizations.
  • Game / Software development
    For a long time I’ve wanted to create my own software or game. The progress behind these projects I want to document here and of course share my results with you.

Whilst thinking of this list, I’ve also come to the conclusion I wanted to share life lessons, anecdotes or other “the meaning of life”-stories. These are more rants about certain topics and would suit better on one of my other sites: Since it’s been a while writing for that site, I believe these stories would do well there. Combined with my experiences from the gaming and movie industry should be updated more frequently in the (near) future… I hope…

If anything else comes up, we’ll deal with it then 🙂

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